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Vidalia High School

Vidalia administrative is currently still working to have some form of a ceremony. Although I’m a little disappointed that I’ve missed the chance to do a lot of things I was looking forward to my senior year, I realize that life can be full of disappointments and you have to make the best out of every situation.

My plans for the future are to attend Blue Cliff College in Alexandria were I’ll study cosmetology. I hope to have my own salon one day and maybe even further my education more to be able to be a cosmetology instructor. I’d like to thank my church family for guiding me through my young years and know to each of you that I will always remember the things you have taught me.

Kami Krinsavage

Vidalia High School


She has maintained a 3.25 GPA throughout high school. Ever since she accepted Christ as her Savior, when she was 7yrs old, she has been devoted to reading her Bible, teaching and helping where she is needed, and always willing to lead by example.  She is a hard worker, reliable and has good morals. 

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Ryan Lindsey

Adams County Christian School

Ryan Lindsey is the son of Rod and Stephanie Lindsey and Jason and Ashley Carlock. Ryan has attended ACCS since 9th grade. After high school graduation, he plans to attend CoLin in the fall to study Diesel Mechanics. Ryan enjoys taking care of his animals and making people laugh. He worked and saved his money for about 3 years with the Markets before quitting to enjoy the last few months of his senior year, which ended too soon, because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Dalton Upton

Adams County Christian School


Dalton Upton is the son of Mike and Bobbie Ann Upton. He started his learning at Adams County Christian School. He Homeschooled a few years in between then went back to AC to finish his senior year. He maintained a grade point average of 4.0 and made a 21 on his ACT his first attempt. He plans on attending Delgado Community Collage in the future and opening his own car shop.  Dalton is known as “the car guy” because his love for cars. He currently has two project cars he is working on and two cars that he takes to car shows. He has won several awards and trophies including 1st place.  He also enjoys spending time with his friends and family, playing video and board games, and detailing and working on cars.  If you ever talk to him, it’s most likely he will will give you that grin and ask ... “have you driven a ford lately?” 

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