Paul Southerland


Bruce McCall

Associate Pastor

Music Director

Keith Wells

Sunday School Director

Thomas Hodges

Youth Minister

Elisha Brown

Discipleship Training Director

Danny Blake

Deacon Chairman

DT Training Teacher

DEACONS (left to right):

Brandon Krinsavage, Mark Taylor, Leland Rymer, Mike Berry, Keith Wells, Bruce McCall, and Danny Blake        

Stephanie McCall

VBS Director

Sunday School  Teacher - Young Adults

Mark Taylor

Sunday School - Mixed Adults

DT Training Teacher

Linda Blake

Sunday School - Ladies 1

Mike Berry

Sunday School - Mens 1

Jeri Smith

Sunday School - Ladies 2

Stephanie Lindsey

Sunday School - Youth

Sherry Wells

Sunday School

1st - 3rd Grade

Vivianne Taylor

Sunday School 

3 - 5 Year Old

Pam Rymer

Sunday School

4th - 6th Grade

Dana Cater

DT Training Teacher

Amber Spence

Children's Church

DT Training Teacher

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